Wednesday, September 13, 2017

now for a girly ref post

Normally in my life, I don't wear makeup.  Why would I spend five minutes applying it in the morning when I could spend those five minutes sleeping?  I mean srsly.  I have priorities.

Derby, though - that's an entirely different story.

When I played derby, sparkly eyeblack was my shtick.  I had green for our travel team and purple for our home team.   It's Ben Nye Aqua Glitter, and I bought it at a local costume store.  It was very drippy, from what I remember.


(hm, I don't have a closeup picture of my ref makeup face.  Will have to rectify that.)

For eyeshadow, I use L'Oreal Infallible Liquid Eyeshadow.   I have Mistress Noir and BRB Blue.  (The latter gets a lot of compliments.)  

For eyeliner, I use Michael Kors Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Black that I got in a sample pack.  (I'm not about to spend $25 on an eyeliner.)  

For lipstick, as I think I've mentioned many times before, I have tried umpteen squillion brands before finally settling on Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid.  I have Voyager and Romantic and just bought Creator last night.

All of these last well through a game of officiating.  The lipstick wears out a bit because I keep my whistle in my mouth, but I can touch it up at halftime and all is well.

Anyway, that's my girly ref post.

Monday, September 11, 2017

time moves onward, as is its wont

So apparently the goal for me this season is to get to the point where I can HR games.  Whee!  To that end, I HRed scrimmage on Thursday and then a scrimmage yesterday between our local men's team and a team from a town that's about two hours away.

They went pretty well, for various values of "pretty well."  There were only three referees on Thursday (though we were told that it didn't seem like there were only three, as we were able to pick up a lot of penalties on the outside that might have gotten missed otherwise), and yesterday the teams were Black versus Grey but some of the Black skaters were wearing very dark grey and some of the Grey skaters were wearing medium grey and it was very GAAAAH-inducing trying to keep track of where the pack was.  But I muddled through and no one died, so it was all okay in the end.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

another season, another season

so last night was the first practice of the new season, yay!  I actually did the off-skates warmup (I KNOW).

Until team tryouts in November, the practices are more skills 'n drills, so I was able to do a lot of them with the skaters.  Lots of toestop work (which killed my feet; my big toenails aren't *quite* back yet), some one foot transitions (where only one foot is on the ground at any point, not where you actually transition on one foot), some work with being strapped with a bungee cord to a column and you have to skate around cones and not die from the resistance.

My legs're feeling it today, to be sure.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


1. Get accepted to a tournament with WFTDA sanctioned games as a non-alt referee
2. Get accepted to a tournament that requires air travel
3. Work as front OPR for a game and keep constant positioning (I guess I kinda did this?)
4. If certification opens up again, apply!

Hostile TacOver, the WFTDA B-Team Championships in Tampa in October!  yaaaaaaaaaay!

Unfortunately being accepted to a tournament that requires air travel means that you have to buy plane tickets.  ZOMFG I HATE BUYING PLANE TICKETS.  (Have I mentioned this?)  I finally pulled the trigger this morning and figured out it's cheaper to fly out of Buffalo, so I'll be doing that.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


so at practice last night we were working on things that we're not 100% confident on (hello, hockey stops!) and then at the end of practice our HR was like "okay, we're going to work on backwards crossovers."

My history with backwards crossovers is a bit fraught.  When I was a little kid skating my heart out in the basement listening to Hooked on Classics, my backwards skating stance was with my left foot behind me (i.e., my left foot leading in the direction I am skating).  Fastforward thirty plus years later, when I discover if you're going to do backwards crossovers in derby direction, YOUR RIGHT FOOT NEEDS TO LEAD IN THE DIRECTION YOU ARE SKATING HAHAHAHAH NEENER NEENER NEENER TO YOU.

So I had to relearn how to skate backwards.

Anyway, after much trial and error, I got fairly decent at backwards crossovers where I only pick up my right foot.  I can go around the track, I do it with no issues when I am the front IPR and all that.

So last night I decided to try and do backwards crossovers where you pick up both feet.

I realized something this morning, on my way into work.  Do you know what ice skaters do when they want to get up a LOT of speed to propel themselves into a huge jump or an amazing spin or an axel or a lutz or whatever it is they're called?


It was legit terrifying and very much a JANE STOP THIS CRAZY THING experience.  I couldn't think of a way to stop moving my feet without crashing and burning.  (Eventually I did crash and burn, resulting in a somersault on the track.)

(I also realized that I probably should not wear my glasses to practice.)

so that was last night's practice. We're having a scrimmage on Thursday and then we're off for about two weeks and things start up again.  I don't really have any officiating scheduled either (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?  I KNOW!) so I don't know what I'll do with myself.

Friday, July 28, 2017

ok so to update

1. I got a new contact lens prescription (my left eye changed a bit - gettin' old sucks, y'all) and they're much better.  I think I'll go back to wearing contacts while officiating, but reserve the right to wear glasses if my contacts get weird...

2. ...which is what happened when I went to Ottawa for a doubleheader - I had to switch to glasses for the last half of the last game.  Made a joke about "oh, NOW the ref is wearing her glasses so she can see."

3. LEAGUES NEED WELL-TRAINED NSOs.  A sanctioned game is not the place for a brand new NSO to learn his/her position.  We got a fair amount of the way through the second half before we realized THE PENALTY TRACKER WASN'T USING ANY PAPERWORK.

4. I think I found a lipstick that will do (more or less) what I want it to do - Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink.  It still comes off, but nowhere near as much as everything else I've used.

5. OPRing a men's game tomorrow, then I actually have some weekends where nothing's going on ZOMFG.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

a sad, bleak, black day for Queenie